Yours truly doing a bit of field-work. In this case getting down to the nitty gritty with the future of Iran's engineers and doctors.

My name is Elneff.

I help companies and organizations improve their brands. Typically this has a visual foundation (design). Sometimes getting results takes a bit more, and this is when I get to create new business models. Tone of voice. Approaches for building conversations with certain groups of people.

I have two desks; one in Rotterdam and one in Copenhagen. The sign on the door says ping-pong Design. I also own part of a web-agency with studios in Copenhagen, Sarajevo, and a seedling in Dubai. I currently live in Amsterdam, where I work as a consultant at ping-pong Design. Earlier this year, I sold an interactive agency I started in 2005.

This means that I’m drawn towards new technology – especially how the internet presents us with whole new possibilities towards business, sharing knowledge, entertaining, and involving.

For the most part my work consists of changing paradigms. I look at how brands communicate. Then I look at who they are. If there’s a mismatch (which is most often the case) I can help. The obvious solution is changing the perception so it is closer to how the brand really is, but sometimes it’s smarter to keep the perception and change the organization. Less frequently we find it best to create a new perception and cross our fingers that organization will follow (just like you sometimes change your personality simply by dressing up).

I should also mention that I’m an avid contestant of user-driven (and based) design. Just like with people, I prefer brands to tell me who they are, rather than ask me who I’d like them to be. Insecurity has never been very sexy in my book.

When I’m not working with brands I keep myself busy mountain climbing and writing prose. I have a lifelong interest in history, and have invested in several treasure hunting endeavors. I also enjoy Italian cooking, and having a glass of wine by the fireplace with that special someone…

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